How to buy Apple shares

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Investing in the shares of Apple, one of the most valuable companies in the world, is not so difficult. In this article you will understand how to do it.

Investing in Apple shares

Apple is one of the largest technology companies in the world, accumulating positive balances year after year. Having Apple shares is a guarantee of good returns for any investor. In this article you will discover how to invest in Apple shares without leaving Britain.

Apple was the first private company to reach the trillion dollar level, reaching the market value of £1 trillion in 2018. Before that, the company was already considered one of the largest, richest and most innovative in the world.

If you want to include the company in your portfolio but don’t know how, this article is for you! Here’s how to invest in Apple shares. 

Why invest in Apple shares?

Often considered the most valuable company in the world, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) currently shares the ranking with other market giants, such as Google and Amazon, for example. They all form part of the FAANG acronym, which includes the shares of the most highly valued technology companies on the US stock exchange.

That would be reason enough for anyone who has doubts about investing or not investing in the company’s shares. Other factors can also help in making a decision. These include your performance on the stock market. 

Apple made its debut on the US stock exchange in 1980, with an initial public offering (IPO) of £22 each. At the end of the first day, the shares were already worth US £29. Since the launch of the first iPhone (in 2007), its shares have only grown. In the first quarter of 2019, the company recorded the highest earnings per share in its history, £4.18. 

In general, dividends from their performance are distributed four times a year to the company’s shareholders.

Investing in Apple shares is a guarantee of good returns for any investor. 

You can invest in Apple shares through BDR or directly on the US stock exchange.

How to invest in Apple shares?

Spanish investors can acquire Apple shares in two ways:


Spanish Deposit Certificates (BDR) are certificates issued by brokers to represent fractional shares. This means that the investor does not acquire the shares themselves, but part of a share belonging to the broker. Apple BDRs are among the most widely traded on the B3 (Spanish stock exchange).

To buy an Apple BDR, an investor must have an account opened with a B3 authorised broker. Each brokerage has its own brokerage fees, which can be a fixed amount or a percentage. Some brokers do not charge a fee. 

In addition, the account balance is required. The investor must make a transfer from his bank to the broker. With the value in the brokerage account, the investor can use the online trading system to acquire his BDR or contact the trading desk, report the amount and value to acquire his share. 

Nasdaq (American stock exchange)

To invest directly in the US stock market and purchase Apple shares, the investor must open an account with an international broker. It is possible to open an account with a traditional institution or an online broker, such as Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade or Drivewealth.

You will then need to make a transfer for the amount you wish to invest to the account. Online remittance is the best option for those who need to send money to a broker abroad. 

Investor will have the lowest costs in the market for sending money abroad. The process is simple and fast. See how online remittance can help you buy Apple shares. 

How to hold Apple shares?

The simplest way is through an investment broker. Once the broker is chosen, you can opt for BDR or invest directly in the US stock market.

How do I pay for the shares I want to obtain?

You will need to send the money to an offshore account (either your account or your broker’s account). Use online sending for this procedure. It’s fast, secure and pays the lowest fees on the market.

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